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The AVB is dead no more by antivbrigade
December 31, 2008, 8:40 pm
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The AVB resurrects once more from the ashes of obscurity. We live, we live again.

– the Editor


THE AVB IS DEAD- RIP(August 26,2006-September 3,2007) by antivbrigade
September 3, 2007, 12:17 am
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Well, it wasn’t supposed to end this way. But well it is. It all started out from a single spontaneous spark of inspiration to spawn this absurd creation in the wee hours of one Saturday morning many moons ago at Changi airport. No one could have predicted its evolution (or degeneration) over the course of the next few months; the various changes in direction it underwent( from being simply about ‘nothing’ to being ‘everything about nothing’), the recruitment of new contributors (even if their contributions had been scarce and infrequent to be politically correct) and the eventual rise in readership ( though of course maintaining it had been a constant struggle).

We never expected for this to happen, but the site had been in terminal decline for past few months. While its demise may have been prolonged in one desperate manner or another, it was unfortunately inevitable. So as painfully cliched and irritatingly overused as the phrase ‘all good things come to an end’ might be, it does ring true. The AVB has run its course and sadly has nothing left to offer. It was not our wish to go out with a whimper like this; but one can’t always hope to go out ‘with a bang’. Especially when it’s beyond one’s means.

The AVB might still be brought back to existence in an alternative form or incarnation. But that remains still a construct of imagination, and only time will tell if will manifest itself as something more significant. In any case, it will bear little resemblance to what the AVB used to be. That much is certain…err i think.

We like to thank our readers who used to be loyal and who probably will not ever read this final entry. Their readership, especially at the pinnacle of our…ahem popularity remains valued. We also like to thank our contributors (other than the original trio) who apart from the odd post or so had contributed next to nothing as their pretty faces prominently adorn our banner. Their contributions, however minimal, remain appreciated. So i guess it’s an anticlimactic goodbye then… So yeah goodbye.

On a lighter note, the Banker just procured a d40x Nikon dSLR camera. So happy times folks!

– The Editor

The Banker’s teenage diaries : 90s music revisited (Part 1) by antivbrigade
July 16, 2007, 4:09 pm
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It has been quite a while since I updated my dear readers on any entries from my ‘famed’ teenage diaries. But the point of this entry is to pay tribute to the music of that era that played an integral part in a teenager’s life. It’s a reminder of a time when we listened to the deejay at night taking his e-go trip and the music he put out on the radio which accompanied us while we were studying for the exams or slogging through our homework. Back then, we didn’t have our ipods but rather cassette walkmans and discmans. A time where we actually bought cds from shops instead of downloading it off the net. A time when we hear a new track and the very next day, the fellas in class would go mental over it thanks to some guy who uses his tape recorder to obtain a bootleg version of a radio hit.

Hence, as a spin-off to my ‘popularteenage diaries series, i present to you the aptly titled “The Banker’s teenage diaries : 90s music revisited”. In this new series, I’ll be posting music videos from bands/ singers that kids back then crooned to during recess or while waiting in between classes.

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Another Anti-Bush Rant by antivbrigade
July 5, 2007, 1:32 pm
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I don’t care too much for politics, least of all yank politics. But this passionate rant by one American journalist on the eve of independence day is absorbing enough to the draw the attention of the most politically apathetic.

Keith Olbermann  tells Bush to fuck off…well sort of


The Greatest Joke Ever Told (part 15) by antivbrigade
June 22, 2007, 12:46 am
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Jack told Sammy to e-mail Nate that they were coming as he drove out of sight of the town on the road. They then pulled off the road and headed out into the desert.

Everything went well, until they got to the sand dunes. Jack had been nursing the RV along the whole time, over the rocks, through the creek beds, revving the engine the few times they almost got stuck. When they came to the dunes, Jack didn’t really think about it, he just downshifted and headed up the first one. By the third dune, Jack started to regret that he’d decided to try driving on the sand. The RV was fishtailling and losing traction. Jack was having to work it up each dune slowly and was trying to keep from losing control each time they came over the top and slid down the other side. Sammy had come up to sit in the passenger seat, coiled up and laughing at Jack’s driving.

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The Greatest Joke Ever Told (part 14) by antivbrigade
June 22, 2007, 12:42 am
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“You willing to do that for me, Jack?” Nate turned back to look at Jack.

“Yeah, Nate,” replied Jack solemnly, “I think I can handle that.”

Nate nodded. “Good!” He turned back toward the dune and shouted, “Sammy! Jack’s about ready to leave!” Then quietly, “Thanks, Jack.”

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The Greatest Joke Ever Told (part 13) by antivbrigade
June 22, 2007, 12:39 am
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“No, no,” replied Nate. “This is more personal. I want you to meet my son.” Nate looked over at the nearest sand dune. “Sammy!”

Jack watched as a four foot long desert rattlesnake crawled from behind the dune and up to the stone base of the lever.”Yo, Jack,” said the new, much smaller snake.

“Yo, Sammy” replied Jack. Jack looked at Nate. “Named after Samuel, I assume?”

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