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Murder Ballads (1996) by antivbrigade
September 14, 2006, 12:26 am
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Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads may not necessarily be his most masterful piece of work. But it is still a work of genius nonetheless, and it is certainly his most dark, sinister and gloriously morbid offering yet, that celebrates death and murder with some high profile collaborations with the likes of Kylie Minogue(yes you’re reading it right!) PJ harvey, Shane MacGowan and Blixia Bargeld.

Throughout the album a sense of doom , gloom and mayhem is maintained, even in the more deceivingly upbeat tracks like Stagger Lee and Lovely Creature and laidback mellow tracks like Henry lee(duet with PJ Harvey) and Kindness Of Strangers.The album ends with a surprisingly yet bleakly positive Bob dylan cover,Death Is Not The End, that serves as a welcoming respite from all the carnage that precedes it.

Nick Cave’s duet with Minogue, Where The Wild Roses Grows, is probably the most renowned track on this album,probably due to Minogue’s own massive reputation. While his collaboration with PJ Harvey was not too far-fetched an idea to conceive, this would have been far more difficult to stomach for most fans. But the result is nevertheless astounding here as Cave seems to have manage to coax a side out of Minogue we’ve never seen before and probably never will after.And though its hardly the Reviewer’s favourite track off the album, it deserves a mention.The video for this track even made its way to MTV.(Arghhh!). The highlight of the album is the 15 minute magnum opus, O’ Malley’s Bar which pulls no punches with its bloody perverseness and unrelenting lyrical violence sung with such joyous conviction. Not for the faint of heart and the short-attention span ridden.

The doomy atmospheric folky rock music, Cave’s deep vocals and lyrics that oscillate between the extremes of caustic wit and sombre melancholy, lend an eerie, darkly funny and yet at times grave tone to the overall feel of this broody epic album.

“… When i shot him, I was so handome/ It was the light, it was the angle…”

AVB Recommends: Stagger Lee, Song Of Joy, O’Malley’s Bar
AVB Rating: 4.5/5
AVB Verdict: A must have for any self-respecting fan of Nick Cave and lovers of this particular genre.

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who is Nick Cave :S.. What a name

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