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nirvana:the myth debunked(part2) by antivbrigade
September 24, 2006, 9:15 pm
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Nirvana’s Nevermind is widely regarded as their best work, if not critically, then commercially. Some hardcore fans might argue that In Utero is a superior piece of work, which may be right, but Nevermind in the eyes of the majority is the definitive Nirvana album that shot them to superstardom. It is also an album that gets regularly ranked among the best albums of the last decade, if not the century. Nevermind is hardly one of my favourite albums. I listened to it for a month back in 99, and then condemned it to spend much of its time shelved in some deep forgotten corner where I am least likely to find it. Now and then, I uncover the dust ridden cd when some clueless knob makes a request to borrow it. (Sorry cousin, no offence meant). The best known track from that album is Smells like teen spirit which I have to admit is a fast rollicking catchy tune that I was addicted to…for about a week. The other better known singles from the album are Come as you are, In bloom and Lithium which admittedly are all good tunes as well. (Personally my favorite nirvana track comes out of In Utero; the truly magnificent Heart-shaped box.)

But what irks me to no end is how the quality of the rest of the album varies from simply decent to mediocre. To put it bluntly, the rest of the album after a pretty good first half is rather forgettable…and dull. Yes, to use dull and Nirvana in the same sentence might be construed as downright heresy to some, but yours truly calls it as he sees it. And yet, this album occupies the top 5 of many greatest albums list. An example of an album being so insanely overrated, that it elicits great disgust at the meagre taste displayed by the many respected music magazines whose credibility must surely come under scrutiny. Rolling stone, Spin and the rest, please kindly take a bow of shame you ignorant cunts.

For inspiration, I am currently listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind. Ironic I know, but it helps sharpen my critical faculties for as far this post is concerned.




So are/were Nirvana superior to their peers? In terms of popularity and album sales, Pearl jam were probably their closest rivals. The likes of Alice in chains, the Chris Cornell led Soundgarden and Stone temple pilots while achieving considerable success in the mid- 90s and having built a solid fan base for themselves, could not keep the momentum going for the long term.. I was never a big fan of Pearl Jam with the exception of a few singles, and am prepared to concede that Nirvana ,as annoyingly overrated as they can be, were definitely a better band, and in Kurt Cobain had a far more charismatic front man than that knob Eddie Vedder and the annoying nasal singing style of his. I haven’t listened to too much of Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots barring a few tracks to make a judgement. But having listened to Alice in chains, especially their powerhouse of an album Dirt, I had come to the conclusion that they are easily a few notches above Nirvana.

Dirt is as close to perfection as it gets for any album. From start to finish, the album is a phenomenal combination of vocals, lyrics and musicianship that never fails to take the breath away. It is a masterwork conceived by artistes performing at the peak of their prowess. Unlike the much vaunted Nevermind, Dirt has no fillers to speak of and is in my humble opinion one of the best albums of the 90s.Unfortunately, the fact their lead singer Layne Staley didn’t possess the rugged good looks of Kurt Cobain, and dying in a less spectacular fashion( drug overdose as opposed to putting a bullet in the head), and that their music while bewitching, lacked the kind of mainstream appeal Nirvana brought to theirs, meant Alice in chains were never destined to achieve the kind of legendary status that Nirvana less deservingly lay claim to.

Nirvana are a respectable band whose contributions and place in music history cannot be ignored. But it is also undeniable that the death of Kurt Cobain the circumstances surrounding it and the timing of it was probably more than instrumental in their rise to their current state of reverence. Nirvana are/were a good band. But a great band ? No fuckin way. In conclusion, I will leave you with the wonderfully talented and eccentric Weird Al Yankovich and his satirical take on Smells like teen spirit which brilliantly illustrates the essence of my graceless rant, more effectively than I had managed to in a few paragraphs.


Smells Like Nirvana


What is this song all about?
Cant figure any lyrics out
How do the words to it go?
I wish youd tell me, I dont know
Dont know, dont know, dont know, oh no
Dont know, dont know, dont know…


Now Im mumblin and Im screamin
And I dont know what Im singin
Crank the volume, ears are bleedin
I still dont know what Im singin
Were so loud and incoherent
Boy, this oughta bug your parents


Its unintel-ligible
I just cant get it through my skull
Its hard to bargle nawdle zouss(? )
With all these marbles in my mouth
Dont know, dont know, dont know, oh no
Dont know, dont know, dont know…


Well, we dont sound like madonna
Here we are now, were nirvana
Sing distinctly? we dont wanna
Buy our album, were nirvana
A garage band from seattle
Well, it sure beats raising cattle


And I forgot the next verse
Oh well, I guess it pays to rehearse
The lyric sheets so hard to find
What are the words? oh, nevermind
Dont know, dont know, dont know, oh no
Dont know, dont know, dont know…


Well, Im yellin and were playin
But I dont know what Im sayin
Whats the message Im conveyin?
Can you tell me what Im sayin?
So have you got some idea?
Didnt think so — well, Ill see ya
Sayonara, sayonara
Ayonawa, odinawa
Odinaya, yodinaya
Yaddayadda, yaaahyaaah



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i would say “In Utero” is definitely a great album, something different during that time. Listen to “Very Ape”,its like bringing 2006 to 1993. For Nevermind, the only song i really love till today is Breed.

Comment by the_consultant

I’ve been asked to re-do this comment, but I can’t quite remember what I said. I personally think Bleach was the best album. My idea of what a great band is obviously differs from yours. I hate you, Selven.

Comment by Sash

Selvie’s losing his touch nyahaha. This wasn’t as harsh as I expected it to be. Admit it Selven, Nirvana is pretty damn good.

Comment by Pre

Layne Staley kicks ass.

Comment by Sickman

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