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RIP CHEEKY VICKY (1981-2006) by antivbrigade
October 2, 2006, 2:16 am
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The Day Cheeky’s Bottle Died

It wasn’t that long ago….a few months ago perhaps…. a cool Monday evening…when Cheeky’s Nike water bottle met a cruel end. As he and i strolled along Nanyang Drive, Cheeky juggled with his bottle like a pro from the Moscow circus. Suddenly, in one moment of madness,the bottle fell from his grasp and across the road. The bottle was in great danger of being crushed by dozens of vehicles that packed the street. Cheeky tried everything he could to save it, putting in immense effort(a slow lethargic jog)…but it was too little… too late… A passing cab mercilessly ran over the bottle and crushed the life out of it. No words could describe Cheeky’s emotions at that moment.His forlorn facial expression told the entire story.

Today, the crushed remnants of the bottle sits majestically on my book shelf.

The above entree is dated August 11 2004. I unearthed it a few days back while browsing through my old blog. Reading it again, i found that it tickled me every bit as much as it did back then. I felt it was a gem that transcended time. A genuine classic. I reckoned it would be a great read for those who had not read the original, and a great re-read for those who had done so and were amused by it for one reason or another.

Then it struck me that the bottle was no longer on my shelf. It had not been for as long as i could recall.And for some reason, i had not bothered to investigate what might have become of it. I knew for one i couldn’t have thrown it away. I mean, why would i dump the last vestige of a legend which had grown to such mythical proportions. I suspected my dad had a hand in its disapperance.He has a funny habit of picking up stuff that lie around the house and out of it ( he once constructed a flower pot out of golf balls he had picked up during his strolls at bishan park by glueing them up together into a fancy shape), which he deems have no use(by his own definition of the term) and modifying it to suit his own purpose of use.I queried him with regards to the bottle, and lo behold  he produced the bottle to me…well most of it atleast. It turns out he had cut off the top portion(the deformed bit) and now it looks like eerr…what you see in the picture above.Recovering it from his possession, i placed it back up on the shelf where it belonged. I was looking forward to my post on it once i was done taking a picture of it with the aid of the banker’s famed “dodgy” camera.

It is rather strange how perceptions and motivations can change so quickly and drastically. What was originally intended to be a mock tribute to illustrate the ridiculousness of one individual for the function of inducing mirth for the masses has turned into a tragic memorial of sorts for that very same individual who had succumbed to such devastatingly fashioned circumstances.

You were supposed to play football with us today you schmuck. It was perhaps a cosmic coincidence then that the sms i had received from my brother to inform me that football would be cancelled coincided with the discovery of the cruel fate that had befallen you. Whether hated or loved, reviled or respected, ridiculed or admired, you have made your mark in all our lives Cheeky, regardless of those who might choose not to admit to it. On behalf of the AVB, goodbye and rest in peace friend.

VICKNESH aka Cheeky Vicky (1981-2006)

“call him whatever you want…in our hearts he remains a friend.”


“…you’ll be missed mate” – ‘the banker’


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a fitting farewell.

Comment by ah neh

u shall be missed cv…may ur soul rest in peace…

Comment by Goofy

Couldn’t have given a better tribute to someone who’ll always be remembered..

Comment by Kitty Kat

You will be always missed my dear friend.

Comment by Gan

I remembered the times when he used to play cards with us during exam times to relief stress. Yup, we will miss him.

Comment by the consultant

His unsual antics and his amazing sense of humour… both shall be missed!! RIP Nanba

Comment by Arch

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