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October 7, 2006, 10:42 pm
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After the most recent “board meeting”, it was decided by the existing members of the AVB to recruit two new contributors into the fold. These gentleman are no strangers to the blogging world and we are quite honoured to have them join us. They will go by their existing pseudonyms of “Hucks” & “Ah-neh”. We at the AVB would like to extend our heartfelt welcome to these two individuals .

If one looks at the AVB banner, one would notice that there have been some changes made to it recently. These changes are reflective of the constant evolution that we at the AVB are undergoing.(that is Hucks on the extreme left and Ah-neh represented by the ninja symbol). So please do look out for entrees by our two very exciting and highly established new recruits.
And thus ends this official “unofficial” announcement.

The Editor


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I extend my welcome from Stockholm to the new members. After several round of interviews, we have decided that they are fit to be one of us. WELCOME ONBOARD! – Consultant

Comment by the consultant

How come never invite me..cunts!!

Comment by Arch

In response to the somewhat crass comment by Arch, the AVB reserves the right to invite those people whom we think have the ability to contribute to the group. How we invite these new members? It is a through a tedious process based on several variables and elimination processes which are only known to the AVB. So with this, we hope that would answer your question.

Comment by antiVBrigade

Arch that’s cos you have a bit of a problem wording sentences and stil needing to insert a smiley after every third word.


Comment by ah neh


Comment by Arch

Racist Bitches!!

Comment by Arch

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