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The Banker’s Birthday List by antivbrigade
October 10, 2006, 3:22 am
Filed under: Shout Out

Allright… after weeks of being heckled by the AVB, we have finally acquired “the Golden List”. After a nice coffee date and with the good graces of the Banker’s press secretary, we have finally been able to publish this coveted list. The whole gist of this list on first inspection looks pretty decent, nothing spectacular even by the standards of cheap bastards like Wummy; whom I might add is still recovering from his latest ‘pummeling’ session.

Now lets move to that top ten list shall we… In no particular order:-

1. The new ipod nano

2. A PSP

3. A Hugo Boss belt

4. An Armani business shirt

5. A Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance

6. A pair of Pedro shoes

7. A stylized artsy-fartsy lager glass that is only available at one of the shops in citylink

8. A Swensen’s ice cream cake (not one slice mind you)

9. A leather Guess bag that the banker has had his eyes on for some time now

10. Number 6 finally corresponding him and wishing him “Happy Birthday”

The list seems to be within practical limits. At least he didn’t request for a car or a trip to the moon.

– the Editor


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That Guess bag was my idea!

Comment by antivbrigade

i’m guessing that was “the consultant” 😀

Comment by Wummy

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