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introduction. by hucks
October 13, 2006, 10:49 am
Filed under: AVB Proclamations

Hello all! I was recently kindly coerced invited by “The Banker” (don’t ask me, I also don’t know why he calls himself that) to contribute to AVB, so here I am! Being less adept at bulls**tting than most of the blokes here, I shall give my input in more, urm, constructive areas like food, music, film and the like.

Reviews to come very shortly, I promise. Stay tuned and have a good weekend, y’all. 😉

– hucks


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welcome to the AVB hucks! now get working on your first real post you schmuck!:D

Comment by WUMmy

Welcome onboard. You will never regret the day when you became an AVB. Is that true Ah-Neh?

Comment by The Consultant

It WAS true until someone called me a bullshitter. and still dared to censor it. I am appalled. this is not what I signed up for. Fuck all of youse.

Comment by ah neh

i see you have eschewed your ‘i is’ in favour of ‘i am’ while you’re on here ah-neh….haw haw! very much appreciated!

Comment by WUMmy

i didn’t chew no shit. is it we are using this comments section as a pseudo chat console?

Comment by ah neh

i guess so. The banker cant seem to tag a chat board in the main page. Dun blame the game. 🙂

Comment by The Consultant

Dont blame me… Blame wordpress for not having a tagboard. And guys, lets not scare away hucks.

Comment by The Banker

They should have a tag board. Any news on tagboard for wordpress?

Comment by The Consultant

so far, i haven’t heard of a tagboard available on wordpress. guess they discourage idle chatter like… this? heheh

Comment by huckerby

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