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October 18, 2006, 2:10 am
Filed under: Shout Out

Earlier today…

Kumari: Something amusing happened earlier …it was quite funny.
WUMmy: It better fuckin be…

Kumari: Me and Vanne went to this shop at Serangoon MRT and asked for green tea…. so the lady said “Bottle can?”
WUMmy: Ah huh…
Kumari: And we replied “Can can.”….and then she skips the bottle, hunts through the stock, and produces two cans for us…. I cracked up and left the shop…poor Vaane giggled through the process of buying the cans and got dirty looks from the poor aunty.
WUMmy: Right…
Kumari: I mean….talk about a perfect ‘Speak English not Singlish’ advertisment!!!!
WUMmy: Ah huh…
Kumari: Seriously! What is with this country?! We answered her question the Singlish way also must have communication breakdown.
WUMmy: How tragic…

Kumari: So we’re planning to sell our story and kindly provide re-enactment for advertising purpose…
WUMmy: Right right …so what’s this funny story you said you’ve been wanting to share?
Kumari: ………………


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i’m certain the chat wasn’t quite like that…do i need to provide documented proof to jolt your apparently failing memory?

Comment by anon

well its common knowledge on here that conversations are doctored, usually for the sake of amusement,which is acceptable as long as the gist or the basic content isn’t altered. what bemuses me though is your need to post as anonymous… 😀

Comment by Wummy

who wrote that?

Comment by huckerby

i believe its me 😉

Comment by Wummy

well that’s alright, not everyone/exists exists for your amusement.what an apt title..vaanee threatens to sue btw!

Comment by anon

selvi has done well. good comic timing u worthless cunt.

Comment by ah neh

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