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WUMmy turns 25! by antivbrigade
October 30, 2006, 12:47 am
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Coinciding with one of the AVB’s founding members’, WUMmy’s birthday, the AVB themselves have chanced upon a startling revelation which we couldn’t resist writing about. Remember the savage attack on WUMmy by a group of Indians a short while ago? Turns out there’s a lot more to it than we thought.

For more info of that savage attack, click on the following link.

In response to the attack that was seemingly uncalled for, the ever-inquisitive AVB decided to partake in a little investigation to determine why anyone would want to hurt our lovable ‘babyfaced’ WUMmy. What we found out was that his attackers were in fact friends of his disgruntled customers. Yes, customers. WUMmy, in his blatant attempt to eat at the quad, which has been deemed pretty expensive, has had to resort to extracurricular activities. Putting his babyfaced looks to good use, WUMmy has been moonlighting as a gigolo.

In a sting operation to uncover the truth, the Banker placed a hidden camera in a car and hired someone to pick him up from the sidewalk. Tragic as it is, pictures speak a thousand words. Photographs of him getting into the car, accepting the money, getting out of the car, and horror of horrors, giving his once-adorable nice guy pose accompanying a “Hope I was of good service” are indisputable evidence. We were deeply saddened to find that WUMmy has indeed been working the streets in the slums to sustain his attempts to fit in with the crowd at the quad.

Waiting by the sidewalk

So what will it be son?

I know of this great place off Bishan park.

That comes up to a nice total of $XX dollars. 😉

Hope you had a great time!!! 😀

We then decided to carry out an interview with him to determine if he had chosen to partake in such undesirable activities or if there was any way we could steer him away from the dark, dark world of working the streets. After his initial shock and vehement denial, we managed to persuade him to voice his thoughts on the matter.

The following is a portion of the exclusive interview conducted by AVB correspondent Pre

On what made him do this: “I can’t really help it that Ah_Neh likes to eat at the quad. Its expensive.”

On whether he will carry on doing it after being exposed: “Its not that I don’t want to… But I have to… The Banker‘s birthday gift is gonna cost a bomb.”

On what he strives for when serving his clientele: “Pleasure above all!”

So there you have it. The things people would stoop to just to fit into a crowd. Despite the shock and sadness, we at the AVB will always love our WUMmy no matter what he err… engages in. So we wish him a happy 25th (has he been in existence that long?) and hope that he gets enough presents that he can sell off on eBay so he can lay off the hooking, for a while at least.

The Editor


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happy birthday wummy! if you want a nice lil tranny for bit of bareback pleasure i could find one for you. just ask hee hee.

Comment by irishwind

Happy birthday Bro. I dnt knw y, but wen i turned 25 i felt younger n nt older. hmmmm???? nvm… u enjoy urself. take care.

Comment by Kavin KumAR

Happy Birthday, love! You look like a right idiot in the picture. 😀

Comment by Sash

oh my goodness! this was hilarious. Sel i never knew you had it in you to be a hooker!

Comment by aarthi

i believe the “bird” needs credit for helping to show selvi for the whore of bishan park he is.

Comment by ah neh

Damn straight the ‘bird’ needs credit. I had fun writing that entry. And kudos to the Banker for coming up with those fantastic pics.

Comment by Pre

jesus fuckin christ…why is everyone getting credited at my expense. Do not forget that i’m the star of the show! it doesn’t matter who the director is, or who wrote the screenplay…im the fuckin star of the show!!

Comment by WUMmy

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