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Punjabi takes the Piss by antivbrigade
November 24, 2006, 4:22 am
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The AVB prides itself in bringing to you some of the most in depth observations in the neo and pseudo illusory worlds we tend to live in. That these worlds are mostly the product of “chasing the white dragon” are not lost on our loyal readers.

If there is one thing that has routinely puzzled us, it is the value of academics in this routinely arse fucked world. Yes, I do yours, someone does mine. Is it a wonder then that the fertility rate is quite a shameful statistic in this fine country. Random thought: LHL should copy Bush in his State of the Union address. Except ours would be the State of the Union of GRCs, RCs, BCs, BSs and S-11s.

Anyhow, we’d like to think we built this fine nation on the foundation of racial harmony and shutting down all sectarian violence with the proverbial whip. In fact, the AVB itself prides itself on irony by making the ethnic minority, the marjority. AND included a bird. A fine fly-by-wire mynah if you will.

Alas, we turn the spotlight today on a pride-of-the-Punjabs, AVB acolyte who feels that the only way to solve her academic liabilities is to broach the racial divide. And how better to get the point across than scribbling it onto your examination answer booklet. Just blindside the broads. Down with the walls.

me: heard u write letter to prof all in ur booklet

she: aiyah i cudnt do the math paper so i got pissed off and i was done with 45 mins to spare. didnt wanna walk out, so i decided to write a few jokes. sadly i wrote a racist joke!

me: uh huh, go on, you whinger.

she: and then i wrote a note to my tutor saying that i did all d tutorials and studied so damn hard yet i cant seem to do the paper.. so there must be sumthing wrong with d paper.

me: what was the joke about then?

she: a chinese man walks into a bar and sees a black man serving drinks so he goes up to the bar and says “yo nigga hit me with a vodka”. the black man was naturally offended and said”that was nasty man. how abt if we exchange places? how would u feel?”. the chinese man thought abt it for a while and said…”okay” so they exchanged spots.. and the black man walked into the bar and went straight to the chinese man and asked him for a whiskey.

the chinese man replied “sorry, we don’t serve niggas”.

me: man, that was nasty. what if your marker is a black dude?

she: i like d joke. all my jokes are racist or vulgar la

Nice. And now we can all sleep soundly and wait for The New Paper to pick up on it. You still have a saving grace though love, you could sue their panties off on basis of exam script confidentiality if it makes its way there. Whatever the case, you cunts heard it here first.

Remember, remember the Hock Lee Bus Riots. Amen.

– ah_neh


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wah…power la! who’s the hero? great entry man!

Comment by sads

is my good good buddy simran. she the man!

Comment by ah neh

shhh…you aren’t supposed to mention her name in these parts 😉

Comment by Wummy

is it the title should be changed to punjabi takes the parang?

Comment by ah neh

Or maybe Punjabi “gets” the parang

Comment by Arch

fancy a punjabi taking the piss out of one of his own…bow your head in shame v-man! ;):D

Comment by Wummy

he aint punjabi. he’s rajasthani royalty.

Comment by ah neh

All hail D Queen! hahaha Wowwww I am in such deep shite.

Comment by Simran

Yeah didn you know… my great great great great great great great great great great granddad once owned Rajasthan…. “maybe”.

Comment by Arch

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