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The Banker’s teenage diaries (part 2 ) by antivbrigade
March 16, 2007, 2:38 pm
Filed under: The Banker's Teenage Diaries

The long awaited 2nd part to this exciting trip down memory lane.

Well, this is this the 2nd week of term 1 and today is the 5th day of the fasting month. 25 more days to Hari Raya. Well, it may be something joyful for some but not for me. I am never happy.*Unhappiness has been a lifelong disease for you, you miserable twat.*

Tests and more tests are on their way. There is a maths test, a science test, an english test and then the O-levels. With so much to handle, I just do not know how I can handle the pressure.* This is baffling. You have 3 tests in January and then the O levels at the end of the year with nothing in between…what are you complaining about.*

Miss Koh personally told me to emigrate as soon as possible. *And this apparently was due to you being a little ahead of your time with your ideas for our society?* But its too bad that I do not have the money to do it. I do not know whats happening to this school. All my favourite teachers have left the school and this is not good. Well, we’ll just have to look ahead.*ooh…a hint of optimism. There is hope yet.*

Last week, if I am not wrong, on Saturday, the Uniformed Groups were recruiting new members. But I never bothered. Its a complete waste of time. I have better things to do in real life. But take note, when these new pupils register, they have signed up for life now.* Ahh you were anti-establishment even back then eh… i bow before thy display of uber hip rebelliousness.*

14 January 1997


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Hehehe. This Miss Koh must really “like” you. Can’t wait for the next installment of the teenage diaries. 😀

Comment by Sabrina

ha ha ha haha. Its amazing what we all saw as ‘stress inducing’ in those halcyon days of secondary school.

Damn funny blog.

I like it.


Comment by div

“I have better things to do in real life” – by this line you insinuate you were living in your own created fantasy world I suppose. What misery. No wonder the teachers ran away, you dreamt up everything! Did you even go to school?

Comment by ah neh

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