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RESOLUTION by antivbrigade
March 29, 2007, 3:33 pm
Filed under: AVB Proclamations

The AVB has always been known to be a peaceful outfit. However, unknown to our loyal readers, the outfit recently was on the verge of a major break up of Lennon-McCartney proportions.

Certain key figures of the AVB were concerned over a certain member of the group, who was apparently breaking one of the fundamental rules governing the AVB.(ie. the football related posts that have recently sprung up). Others were even speculating that the AVB was becoming pro-Manchester United (heaven forbid). Certainly, a particular member’s vision for the outfit were not in sync with the rest and was potentially hazardous to the well being of the closely knit ties that had been taken great care to be forged within the organisation. It will probably be no surprise to many that profanity is often the staple fare in AVB board meetings. But the most recent one turned into something unprecedentedly ugly, splitting the AVB into two warring factions. There were even threats made by one individual, which anonymous sources claim to be the Banker, to quit in protest to the defiance showed by another, rumoured to be a certain wind up merchant, with regards to the ‘football related’ posts.

Fortunately the opposing factions reached a consensus and reconciled their differences amicably. This prevented what could have been a mass exodus which could have killed off the AVB as we know it. When contacted to give a comment, the press secretary of the Banker was kind enough to give us the following statement.

“I’m very pleased that everything turned out ok. Finally he has seen the light and we’ve been able to free him from the blinding darkness that was responsible for the squirm inducing blasphemy he had been churning out….. Fortunately, he has managed to realign himself with the original vision that we had set for this outfit when it was first formed.”

Through the press secretary, we were also able to get hold of the document that binds all parties to prevent any future altercations within the fellowship as well as preserve the harmony.

The Agreement

1. The Banker will work on his side project, the Anti G Platoon.

2. The Banker will continue posting his  wildly popular ‘Teenage Diaries’ series on a regular basis.

3. A declaration that there will be no more football related posts; especially anything that glorifies or has anything of any reference to Manchester United in order to preserve the harmony within the AVB.

27th March 2007

And with that, we end this official “unofficial” announcement.

-the Editor


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