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Enter ‘the dreamer’ by antivbrigade
April 9, 2007, 1:01 am
Filed under: AVB Proclamations

So it turns out that we’re currently on a vigorous recruiting campaign.We haven’t had lsomething of this magnitude since October.Over the past month or so we had unveiled 2 new contributors to the fold in the form of the ‘scatter brained’ Dentist, and later the ‘prodigal’ Super D.

Anyway,at our most recent ‘board meeting’ we felt the need to address the problem of having just one female contributor; our 12 year old book reviewer.We felt the need to take measures to quell the potential of becoming labelled as a ‘patriarchal’ organisation. So we went out and got ourselves a new female recruit.Yeah, it’s that simple really. Now our 12 year old book reviewer will have someone around for ‘girl talk’ or whatever bollocks females do.

We present to you our newest member, the Dreamer.She quit her job to start a blog. Yeah, you better believe it.

We know her moniker is a tad un-AVB like, but i guess eclecticism is always a fantastic trait to strive for in any organisation. Anyway we reckon she will be a fantastic addition and look forward to her contributions.

With that, we end this official “unofficial” announcement.

-The Editor


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Heya dreamer… I m really looking forward to your entrees… 😀

Comment by Sabrina

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