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If You Could Only See by antivbrigade
April 10, 2007, 2:04 pm
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Ok I admit. In the midst of panic to write this piece, I had asked my brother for a little assistance. What was i supposed to do? I was desperate. (Unfortunately this pilot entry had a deadline tagged to it.) This is my debut effort, and I wanted to impress by injecting a little testosterone into my writing. But to do that, he said he’d just have to write about boobs.

So I decided it was a bad idea to have even approached him at all. Like it or not, I’d have to do the writing all by meself. So here goes.

People have always commended me on how I take a soft approach to things. According to them, whenever something urgent has to be done, or when there is conflict, or even when it just comes to saying “no”, I seem to be able to settle these situations in a sensitive way without getting anyone hurt.

If it what they say is indeed true, then I am glad. For I truly appreciate looking at matters at a microscopic level; especially where human emotions are concerned. I realise sometimes when you look hard at things in finer detail, you’d find that it’s a different beast altogether. Only then will you be to tackle the issue in a more effective and delicate manner.

To illustrate to you where i am coming from, here’s a close-up picture I took of an item we all have. Can you guess what it really is?

Clueless? I bet once you know, it’ll all seem so obvious. I promise. Just bug the dreamer for answers.

– the Dreamer


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It looks like a blender.

Comment by Sabrina

Hey Sabrina, thanks for your earlier comment! So hope you enjoyed this debut… But, I’m afraid I’d have to tell you to keep guessin. It’s not quite a blender…!

Comment by The Dreamer

i know! i know! midget rims!

Comment by puja

a watch a watch

Comment by the kp

Its a shower Cap…where the water comes out from…

Comment by the_Consultant

it’s a microscopic view of a tiny alien ant spaceship magnified a thousand fold.

Comment by WUMmy

Hahaha, interesting answers ya’all! And I’m quite impressed… One of you has got it right, so go figure!

Comment by The Dreamer

she means me!

Comment by WUMmy

dreamer dreamer…

sld be e shower cap then 😀

Comment by MH

it’s so obviously the pimpin’ midget rims la. belonging to tiny alien ants of course.

Comment by puja

Hahahaha! That’d be really cute. But it’s a shower cap… the consultant gets 10 points for guessing it first! ;P

Comment by The Dreamer

showrer cap!!!!!!

Comment by kp

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