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The Banker’s teenage diaries (part 9) by antivbrigade
May 23, 2007, 10:55 am
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 The 9th part of this epic saga

Well, we are in the middle of February. Hari Raya Aidilfitri season is almost finishing. * so it’s still not over yet?!! When the fuck will it ever end?!!* All my friends have a lot of money right now except me. I am soo poor.* you poor bastard you*

Last Saturday, we had remedial. It was for Maths. But I had bad news. It seems that I have to bring extra books this week and beyond for the Maths lesson. My bag is already heavy and the teacher expects me to bring more books.*i am disappointed, i thought being a bona fide rebel you wouldn’t be arsed with bringing all your books to school; another myth shattered*

After the remedial a tragedy happened. I only found out that the people from my class and E2 went out for Hari Raya roundings. It seems they did not want me to follow and  did not invite me. I feel betrayed.* some tragedy that. you ought to have killed yourself. Now that would be a tragedy.* I found out from my friend that they went to a lot of places. They went to all their friends houses. I feel as though as though I am an outcast.*so this isn’t a recent development then* When I asked a few of them, they told me that I followed them but I can’t seem to remember whether I had followed them. They kept insisting it. I cannot believe that they all would say that I went out with them in order to blind my thoughts into thinking that I went out with them. * i recall this Jedi mind control was all the rage back then* They all finished visiting  around 12.30am. I wonder what happened when they got back home. Did their fathers do a flying kick on them? Or did they switch off the lights and have a “blanket party”. Hmm, I wonder.

It seems that a lot of teachers are trying not to have students coming over by coming up with excuses such as got family problems, going out or they will be in school. Well, they cannot fool me that easily.*i wouldn’t dream of anyone ever being able to fool you*

I wondered whether they would have the courtesy to call on me when they went out last Saturday. They told me that they had some kind of trouble in going to  certain places and they did not know my telephone number. Also, I found out that they did not have time to complete their roundings as they missed places such as friends homes in Tampines, Bedok, Johor, Woodlands, Yishun. I guess, next time, they should hire a bus as transportation time would be cut.* you genius you*

But hey, it is allright if they did not invite me to their outings and homes. I guess they may think I am evil at heart and not a good student. That’s your problem. I have got no problems with you. *yes, i’m absolutely convinced of that.*

18 February 1997


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heyz your school didn’t have lockers? and also you could not leave books under your table or something??
thank god we had that facility back in our school.

and hey its nice that u still hv ur teenage diary. keep them always and later on when u have kids and they start writing diaries or online journals or whatever you can compare them with yours written at the same age. you’ll be surprised how similar both of u sound(in subtle ways at least) at the same age despite the generation gap. Seriously!

Comment by tainted

btw, i visit your journal quite a bit. like reading stuff here. didn’t want to jus lurk, so thought of leaving a comment for once. heez.

Comment by tainted

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